3L Innogénie owns the intellectual property associated with the Upbrella system and methods for the majority of international markets. 3L Innogénie therefore invests in the commercialization of the technology outside of Canada and aims to deploy the business model of it subsidiary Upbrella Construction in all other active vertical construction markets.

3L Innogénie and Upbrella attended their first event together at the Batimat exhibition in Paris, France in 2011.  They will be attending together again in 2015 in order to show the evolution of the technology and to continue the export efforts specifically in Brazil, Europe and Asia.

3L’s mission is to build an Upbrella community made up of several companies and subsidiaries that can benefit from the international experience of all partners in order for Upbrella to become a cornerstone in the construction of tall buildings. We participate in the development of buildings and building systems at international standards therefore optimizing principles in order to be recognized as the best, regardless of the markets in which the development will be deployed.