Services offered either by section or complete turn-key :

  • 1. Feasibility study and pre-engineering : Coordination among professionals, modeling and reusable 3D model (BIM)
  • 2. Upbrella system rental, technical and site support : Permanent roof protection wall, roof raising and handling equipment
  • 3. Complete structure, turn-key : Developed with a licensed partner (form setter and / or steel manufacturer)
  • 4. Envelope and total sealing : Sealing of the outer wall before mounting (with or without siding)
  • 5. Phasing of the project (quick occupancy) : Adaptation of electromechanical components and expandable lifts for quick occupancy.


List of available equipment :

  • The adapted roof is permanently installed on the construction site, therefore the configuration ensures that construction is protected and supported.
  • The protection wall is reusable and installed on-site to ensure protection of workers and the surrounding environment.
  • The lift system installed directly on the roof ensures the ability to lift the roof and the new floor.
  • The expandable elevators meet current standards and allow for quick possession of the completed lower floors.
  • The expandable carrier meets current standards and enables efficient delivery of materials as well as the transportation of workers.