The Company

Upbrella Construction is a subsidiary of ''3L Innogenie’’ for the deployment of the licenced Upbrella technology on the Canadian market. Upbrella Construction (RBQ 5643-8898-01) is a Certified General Contractor for the Upbrella technology. The technology allows for sheltered construction of the structure and envelope of high buildings that are made of either concrete or steel.


Upbrella Construction offers ''turn-key’' management and construction services for major projects.  The team includes project managers, superintendents, technical personel and administrative managers.


3L Innogenie is a team of engineering specialists who develop products and technology for the construction industry.  3L Innogénie commercializes the Upbrella technology on an international scale with the goal of building subsidiaries in several markets.

The Upbrella Technology

Upbrella is an advantageous alternative to conventional methods.  It offers the installation of the roof as soon as possible followed by a lift system featuring modern and safe handling tools. The work environment created benefits from all of the advantages of industrial production: 


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